July 21, 2010

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Shruti Haasan latest News

Shruti Haasan latest News

About Shruti Haasan Singer/Actor:
Shruti made her singing debut at the age of six year in her father’s film THEVAR MAGAN. When she sung for the acclaimed ILAYARAJA. She made her bollywood debut with luck and also sang the title Aazma Luck for the movie. She is a musicians Institute , Las Angels. She is a graduate and trained Hindustani Classical singer.
Shruti Haasan Has formed A New Music Band:
She has spoken about music band in an interview:-
Actor and singer shruti Hassan took time out to scout the country looking to form a new band. And she has managed to do that with ease, as her new band will be making their debut performance in Chennai. Kamal Haasan’s daughter now has her eyes set to lighting up music scene in Mumbai.
We should be performing in Mumbai soon. I have played there a number of times and absolutely love the vibe of the city. It does Singer/actor SHRUTI HAASAN has formed new music band and is looking to perform soon.
Music and films are my passion, so i will never give one up for the other. I was down South wrapping up my Tamil and Telugu projects and I am back to start filming Madhur Bhandarkar’s next. I performed in Hyderabad and Chennai as well, between my south schedules which gave me the opportunity to jam with the guys. So i am sure i will be able to do the same.
Why former band disbanded suddenly:
It disbanded because one of our founding members and my best friend left for Las Angels to study. Hence, I saw it as a great time to take a back seat and create and discover a new sound. It was not really like starting from scratch though because the musicians are all super talented and spontaneous. We have rehashed some old songs and worked on new ones as well.
However , the sound of the new band is mellower than her previous one. I think it has something to do with growing up a little. It is still alternative but it has a lot of pop, rock and blues influences. As i said, it is way easier and more mellow.


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